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hilarious rantings

3/31/08 05:04 pm


what's going on?

Sungmin just ran in here crying and ....



what is he talking about? o_o;

3/22/08 01:35 am

I paid for it. o_o

and ate most of it 8D


3/17/08 11:50 pm

Sooyoung came over wearing a disguise...

Wonder what that was about P:

2/3/08 04:04 pm

Happy Birthday to our youngest member, Kyuhyun~! :D  I think Eeteuk made cupcakes O___O <3 I love birthdays :D

1/20/08 08:46 pm

I brought Shindog home for a little while~ :D He made quite a mess, that little guy. ^^;; When he left Eeteuk started cleaning the whole place so Yehsung won't react once he gets back... Heechul was over for a while. He left abruptly...I don't know why... o_o I think he left with something.

1/12/08 12:11 am

Heechul called me...said something about needing my help on a quest that involved cookies. o_o cookies <3

12/26/07 11:12 pm

omg....Christmas...was awesome. *______* Tiffany <3

She got me a penguin :D and CHOCOPIESSS <333

Best Christmas ever :D

12/23/07 11:53 pm

I'm going to spend some of my Christmas with Tiffany...<33333333 Kibum told me to ask  her out D: I'm so nervous

I can't wait :D

12/13/07 03:47 pm

Eeteuk and I went to SNSD's house yesterday. :DD It was fun~ And Eeteuk cooked for us :OOO~ They're Christmas tree looked really nice. Tiffany's side was completely covered in ornaments o_o;

12/1/07 11:41 pm

Tiffany gave us a surprise visit yesterday :O I hope she comes over more often~ Or maybe I should go visit the SNSD girls :O I should drag eeteuk with me...
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