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hilarious rantings

11/25/08 11:35 am

Why do wedding cakes look so delicious? D:

11/1/08 10:20 pm

If only Halloween came more than once a year D:

9/29/08 09:00 am

My birthday was awesome! There was enough food to feed 3 pigs :D Or just me...but I resisted D:

And the diet cake was good too~

Hyesung....was that diet water supposed to be a joke? D:<

9/27/08 06:40 pm - "Shindong Village"

My village :D

8/1/08 07:03 pm

Happy Birthday Tiffany~ <3333 ^O^

7/1/08 03:10 pm

Cake is all gone... TT___________________________________TT

Happy birthday Eeteuk~

I want cake TT___TT

5/18/08 03:07 am

My knee still hurts. D: Pigs aren't easy to catch. I didn't know they could run that fast.

5/9/08 09:53 pm

There's so much unhappiness going around the house. o_o Like a disease.

What cures my sadness is FOOD~ It's very therapeutic. :D ...so I decided to get some watermelon out of the fridge to battle the disease (so it wont reach me 8D) ....

I don't know what was in the watermelon but....

...I think I'm going to be sick X____x

4/21/08 03:43 pm

Zhoumi isn't so bad. :D He knows good food when he sees it. Of course every food to me is good food...

4/1/08 07:08 pm

o_o Sungmin ran in here crying again...

not....me........mad at.....umma...angry....

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